The new highly insulated Bi-Fold Door can be slid aside without lifting it. Thermoslide 80 is Bi-Fold Door that designed for extending and enhancing your living space. Bi-Fold Door system is available with up to three tracks; in this way, more than 33 feet gap can be opened or closed. It is possible to move all elements or to park some of them behind a fixed element or a wall. With the three-track version, the mid track is broken under the panel joint to ensure heating insulation in this configuration. The elements in Bi-Fold Door run on high class stainless steel rollers at the bottom, which glide smoothly and easily from one side to the other on a stainless steel track. With its combination of heating insulation and a flat threshold, the Thermoslide 80 Bi-Fold Door is the perfect system for residential glazing as well as conservatories or gastronomy.

  • System Key Features
  • Thermally broken and insulated aluminum system
  • Heat insulation glass
  • Available in different colors for outside and inside
  • Special sealing gasket system on linear top and bottom panel profiles
  • Panel thickness: 3 7/64" (79 mm)
  • Thermal break: 1 1/2" (38 mm)
Maximum Panel Height Max 9' 2 15/64" (2800 mm)
Maximum Panel Width Max 9' 2 15/64" (2800 mm)
Maximum Panel Weight Max 771 lb. (350 kg)
Glass Property Between 15/16"- 2 7/16" (24 mm-62 mm)
Applications • One, two or three tracked
• Up to 6 panels
• Without threshold optional