ISO 41 sliding aluminum framed glazing is made from high-quality aluminum profiles with thermal break. It was developed for multi-purpose and demanding applications. Areas of applications are usually balconies, lounges and winter garden glazing. All panels on the track are movable. The internal panel is equipped with three-spot locking fitting and a quality handle. All movable panels are equipped with high adjustable quality rollers at the bottom and can therefore easily be moved into the desired position.

  • System Key Features
  • Thermally broken aluminum system
  • Heat insulation glass
  • Different internal and external color options
  • Elegant appearance
  • Height adjustable quality rollers
  • Panel thickness: 1⅗
  • Thermal break: ⅗
Maximum Panel Height Max 8' 6 23/64" (2600 mm)
Maximum Panel Width Max 6' 6 47/64" (2000 mm)
Maximum Panel Weight Max 308 Ib. (140 kg)
Glass Property Up to 15/64" (24 mm)
Applications • Two, three or four tracked
• Up to 8 panels