The sliding door system is made from thermally not broken aluminum sections and is particularly suitable for extensive applications. IDEAL 38 is a lightweight and cost-effective sliding system that appeals to the eye with slim-profile structure, designed to close wide openings without obstruction in places where there is no need for insulation. Areas of applications are balconies, housing spaces and winter gardens. Wide wings allow you to get lighter, ease of use and quality makes it one of your top choices in your living space. 

  • System Key Features
  • Thermally not broken aluminum profiles
  • Optional heat insulation glass
  • Multiple color options
  • All accessories are made of stainless steel
  • All panels are separately movable
  • Height adjustable quality rollers
  • Panel thickness: 1½" (38 mm)
Maximum Panel Height Max 8' 6 23/64" (2600 mm)
Maximum Panel Width Max 6' 6 47/64" (2000 mm)
Maximum Panel Weight Max 308 Ib. (140 kg)
Glass Property Up to 25/32" (20 mm)
Applications • One, two, three or four tracked
• Up to 8 panels