The insulated lift and slide system is made from thermally broken aluminum profiles and therefore ideally suited for glazing in residential buildings. Areas of applications are restaurants, winter garden glazing as well as residential glazing.  Bali 60 is a system that is designed for high heat insulation.  The high-class construction is ideally suited for extensive sliding elements and guarantees reliable. Movement of system is through simple turning of handle, which lifts the sliding leaf slightly. Then the elements can easily be moved into the desired position. When closing, the wing in the end position is again lowered onto the top and bottom seals. The secure locking and reliable sealing is carried out by the own weight of the element.

  • System Key Features
  • Thermally broken sliding aluminum system
  • Heat insulation glass
  • Available in different colors for outside and inside
  • Panel thickness: 2 23/64" (60 mm)
  • Thermal break: 19/32" (15 mm)
Maximum Panel Height Max 9' 2 15/64" (2800 mm)
Maximum Panel Width Max 8' 2 27/64" ( 2500 mm)
Maximum Panel Weight Max 551 lb. (250 kg)
Glass Property Up to 1 21/32" (42 mm)
Glass Property • One, two or three tracked
• Up to 6 panels