Thermo 60 system is Bi-Folding Door that made from thermally broken profiles and allows you to glaze all kinds of places and also provides protection you from cold weathers. It is possible to paint internal and external profiles with different colors as it is in other thermally broken systems. Bi-Fold Doors can optionally be folded to the right, to the left or both sides, inward or outwards. Thereby, the first element can also be executed as door, accessible and lockable from both sides. Windows and fixed glazing in the same system can be optional combined and inclined glazing is possible. Doors and double leaf doors complete the multifaceted design options. Areas of applications are balconies, restaurants, showrooms, lounges and winter gardens.

  • System Key Features
  • Thermally broken aluminum system
  • Top hung or floor supported
  • Optional locking profile system for stabilization of panels after opening
  • Heat insulated
  • Different inward-outward color options for system profiles
Maximum Panel Height Max 8' 10 19/64" (2700 mm)
Maximum Panel Width Max 3' 3 3/8" (1000 mm)
Maximum Panel Weight Max 165 lb. (75 kg)
Glass Property Up to 1 21/32" (42 mm)
Applications • Top hung or floor supporter options available
• Embeddable bottom track