Fiesta 42 glazings of all kinds in the thought-out system consisting of aluminum profiles without thermal break, and they are made for suitable for all kinds of applications. Fiesta 42 Bi-Folding Door can optionally be folded inwards or outwards, to the left or to the right or from the center. The first element in Bi-Fold Door can be constructed as a door and equipped with profile cylinder and door handle. Configurations with turning, bottom hung or tilt-and-turn windows or inclined glazing are also possible. Non-threshold feature of folding door panels provides a visual advantage and increase passing safety. Areas of applications are balconies, patios, showrooms, and winter garden glazing.

  • System Key Features
  • Stable aluminum section without thermal break
  • No heat isolation
  • Optional lock profile system for immobilization of panel after opening
  • Top hung or floor supported
  • Flush with the floor bottom track with retractable arrester
  • Multiple color options
Maximum Panel Height Max 8' 10 19/64" (2700 mm)
Maximum Panel Width Max 3' 3 3/8" (1000 mm)
Maximum Panel Weight Max 132 lb. (60 kg)
Glass Property Between 5/32" - 1 1/32" (4 mm-26 mm)
Applications • Top and bottom rollers available
• Optional Non-threshold feature