Bi-Fold Door System is designed especially for shopping centers, shops, cafes, fast-food areas, hotel compartments, resorts, bakeries, and offices. The system moves on the upper carrier construction and aluminum rails. Bi-Fold Door system provides movement between two hinged wings; it can be opened and closed in the desired direction. System is useful and appearance is aesthetic. Eliminates the unwanted images and area loss. This folding door system provides protection of unfavorable weather conditions like wind, rain, dust, and gives you the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the four seasons.

  • System Key Features
  • Fully opened at any time
  • There is no threshold in the system
  • It can be opened and closed both directions
  • Multiple color options
  • Accessories and wheel are stainless.
  • Brushes are located top and bottom of the system for resistant to wind and dust
Maximum Panel Height Max 11' 5 51/64" (3500 mm)
Maximum Panel Width Max 3' 1 13/32" (950 mm)
Maximum Panel Weight Max 202 Ib. (92 kg)
Glass Property 25/64" (10 mm)
Applications • Top hung supported
• No connection with floor